Monday, May 20, 2013

A Garden In Progress

A wide view of most of the garden

Peppers at the bottom, broccoli at the top

lettuce at the bottom, snap peas at the top, with the most makeshift trellis you ever saw.  Above the peas are some of the onions

cucumbers at the bottom (still need to come up with a trellis for the cukes), potatoes at the top.  And do you see the INSANE amount of rocks there?  The garden is FULL and COVERED with rocks.  We think they were using them as mulch???  It is baffling and making my job much harder

Another wide view.  At the bottom is some of the strawberries.  I still need to transplant about that many again

stuff we still need to plant: eggplant, zucchini, blueberries, chammomile, watermelon, and still need to buy tomatos.

never can sneak out of the house without being noticed....

they never miss a thing!

and some more of the strawberries...there are a lot of strawberries...
What's growing in your garden??

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yarn Along

Catching up once again with Ginny over at Small Things.  I have been working on a new cardigan for Annabella.  Her owl sweater is starting to get a little small.  So she will have this come Fall and Beatrice will get the owl sweater.  The pattern is Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi.  The yarn is hand dyed superwash worsted by Woolbearers, my beloved old fiber shop in NJ.

And I am back to my beloved Anne of Green Gables *sigh*.  Ohhh how I love her.  I am up to Anne of Ingleside and I cherish my moments before going to sleep that I spend with Anne.  I am also reading a book called Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey...about the great migrations to Oregon and California territories.  Very interesting and amazing what these women endured.

For more yarn alongs head over to Small Things

Monday, May 13, 2013

Blessed Mother's Day...

May the Dear Blessed Mother guide us and protect us in our vocation to motherhood.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Little Creative Writing

Ben wrote this little story, unprovoked, on an extra envelope. It is officially first "story" he has ever written.

BTW when he is writing outside of school time he writes all disorganized still.  During school his writing is more even and well spaced etc. Don't know what the difference is in his mind....but there ya have it.


Hi I love my new house.  So I will get ready for the party.  The party will be exciting.  Today is wet so whatever the rain will do is going to be wet.  And I love the thunder.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Beltzville State Park

This past Sunday, after a beautiful Mass at St. Michael's FSSP church, we took the kids to Beltzville State Park.  We had been to this park once before..back in September when we were still looking at houses!  In fact we almost bought a house across the street from this park!  We are very glad we didn't.  That house needed a lot of work.  And in fact we drove past it on the way and they had just replaced their roof!

The park is beautiful.  I am told that durinv the summer months it can be a mob seen there to use the beach, but both times we have been there it was nearly empty.

We are definitely settling in here.  The house no longer feels foreign.  Like we are living in someone elses house.  It feels like our house.  There are still a lot of boxes, but they are mostly in out of the way places like the basement.  We still have a lot of painting to do and it is slow going.  We did a first coat in the dining room earlier this week, but with the little kids around it is hard to paint any time but when they are asleep.  And the other evenings this week were busy with other things.  So hopefully we will get back in there tonight.  Then the living room....Then maybe the master bedroom (I think the kids rooms are staying the color they are for now).  Then the kitchen....I took a before picture of the dining room I will post eventually.  It was bubblegum pink with really weird molding painted orange (?????what were they thinking)...

I have bee having blogger issues.  Specifically loading pictures is taking I don't have the time to deal with it and so blogging is taking a very very very back burner!