Monday, August 29, 2011

Natural Disasters...

Sorry once again for the absence.  Just been busy busy busy......mostly with natural disasters!!

Let's just say a transformer exploded on our block about two weeks ago leaving us without power.  Then we left to visit my dad and stepmom in MINERAL, Virginia.  That town sound familiar?  It was the epicenter of the recent 6.0 earthquake in broken glass, messes, no power, aftershocks.  We come home to be struck by Hurricane Irene including tornado warnings, major flooding in our town, and once again no power for a few days.

The poor kids have barely slept in their own beds in the last week and a half.....we are wondering what next: plague of locusts or will the small mountain we live on erupt into a volcano???  We could definitely use some quiet peaceful times!

Below are just the pics from our Hurricane experience.  We let the kids play outside when it first started raining and getting a little windy.  You have to love Anna's self chosen get up!

On Sunday when the sun came out and things had mostly calmed down we decided to go for a walk downtown.  I wanted to see the Rancocas Creek....thinking it would be pretty high after all that rain.  LOL....uhhh let's just say it was far worse than a little high.  As we approached what used to be a small creek I saw glimmering water everywhere as if we were coming up to a large lake.  The pictures don't do it justice and this was before the creek crested.  Now major roads around town are closed as well.  We were shocked.  I have never seen anything like this in person.

here the water is coming right up to the footbridge.

just passed that black truck is all water..

this cracked me up.   A picnic bench poking out of the water.  This is around the municipal buildings and police station/municipal court.

You can hear how windy it still was and the creek that now looks like a lake.  This is the parking lot for the county offices and court and downtown shopping area. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ben's Update

I have been waiting for the results of Ben's tests before I wrote an update.

Ben did great on the day of the procedure.  He was definitely brave!!  He got scared and cried at the things that were legitimately scary and otherwise he was wary but very brave.  My shy boy even chatted and joked with the nurses.  We were so proud of him.  He earned himself a new Thomas train.  He chose Gordon.

I can never resist taking a picture of them before they wake.

The only snaffoo was getting an IV in him.  He was very dehydrated and they told us that they were about to cancel the procedure because they had tried several times and just couldn't get a good IV going.  Just from counting the bruises left from the IVs the next day I counted at least 10 tries!!  Thank God he was already asleep at this point and had no idea what was going on.
the first thing he said when he woke was, "can you take my bandaid off?"

What got the results yesterday and all of his biopsies came back normal.  Some of his bloodwork came back off.  Specifically his liver function.  Our GI is on vacation so we will talk to him about this later this week or next week.

That last bit of news we got today was that Ben and Anna will be able to start the feeding therapy program at CHOP on Sept. 20th instead of having to wait til November to start.  This is a huge relief for me. I had visions of an 8M pregnant me lugging through littles through CHOP everyday and then by the time we were done with the therapy program it would be Christmas and then the baby is due.  So when would we have been able to instill no eating routines and systems at home.  This way we will have plenty of adjustment time etc. 

Wordless Wednesday - The "What You Talkin About Willis" Edition

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Love This!

So thought I would share!

I found this cute iron on decal at Joann's for a few dollars.  And I had this plain white turtle neck from some handmedowns.  And voila...a boring shirt is now adorable and perfect for my owl loving Anna!!  For just a couple of dollars.

My fear, of course, is that the decal will come right off either from washing or by the picking by Anna herself!

Friday, August 12, 2011

You Think........

It's time to start potty training????

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yarn Along

 Ben counting the buttons while I snapped my pictures....

Well I finally got around to sewing on some buttons and weaving in my ends on my Baby Surprise sweater.  I made this for Anna, but it is ridiculously too small on looks like Beatrice has a first birthday present awaiting her before she is even born.  (plan to make Anna and Beatrice matching sweaters with cabled owls on the yoke, but it is a huge endeavor for me....perhaps I should just make a bigger BSJ for Anna to match this one?? LOL...  ahhhh *sigh*)

As for my Stella Pixie hat....I would have finished the body of it by now except I had a major, "*gasp* I lost stitches off the end of my needle and I have no idea how to fix this" fiasco on Monday and had to wait until my Tuesday night knitting class to get help fixing it.  But just a few more rows of the body then just the neck strap and buttonhole and whatever finishing odds and ends.

Still working through the Narnia series.  I am on Voyage of the Dawntreader Claudio's suggestion I am reading them in the British order (which is the order they were written) as opposed to the American order (which is chronological order).

For more yarn along posts check out Ginny's lovely blog: here

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Bouncing Over Our Fears

A week or so ago Claudio's company held a picnic for everyone and they had a BIG bouncy castle.  Anyone who knows Ben knows nothing pleased him more than bouncing and jumping and tumbling, but they also know nothing DISpleases him more than new things he has never encountered before.

So I wondered what his reaction would be to this big castle of bouncing delight!  Well at first he refused to go in, but Anna was interested and wanted to go.  When he saw she didn't immediately fall apart he was willing to go in.  But as you can see above they literally just sat side by side along the edge watching.  In their defense there were a bunch of older kids in there at this time rough housing.  Kids that were way too old for bouncy castles if you ask me.

Ben, loosens up ever so slightly by LOUNGING as opposed to sitting up LOL...

Then I had the bright idea to move to one of the windows across the castle to watch from the other side.  I knew he would want to be as close to me as possible and so would toss his fear aside in order to accomplish this.  And I was right.  I peeked in the far window and he got up and scurried over to I ran to the next window and he scurried there and so on and so on.  Quickly he realized, "Hey.....this is fun and bouncy and just my sort of thing!!"  And that was it.  He was a boy in love!!

I was so happy for him because I knew that if he could just conquer his fear that he would absolutely LOVE to bounce.  And it took just moments before he was literally bouncing from one side to the other laughing hysterically and chatting with the other young kids (the older kids were kicked out).

And of course Anna must do whatever Ben is doing so she rejoined him and they both had a blast.  Nothing is cuter to me than Anna's little proto-jumps.  She is just just learning how to jump and it is more of a gallop sort of thing right now.

And Ben will be facing another of he greatest fears on Wednesday.  He is scheduled for an endoscopy/sigmoidoscopy with biopsy at CHOP.  Ben is very fearful of doctors...even just a stethoscope leaves him trembling.  So IVs, and sedation, and *gulp* an enema will definitely leave him quite shaken.  I truly understand his fear as I suffered many many years with a doctor phobia (which I have by and large gotten over after a little therapy and a lot of hand holding by Claudio).  So please pray for this little, sweet soul that he can be brave.  He is such a sensitive little guy which is what has ME worried more about this little procedure for him than I think I ever worried about Anna's bigger procedures...she is just such a tough trooper and she would just go with the flow even if not enjoying it.  Pray that we can just bounce through this one as well!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Anna's Birthday Party

Sorry for the delay in posting!  I will be honest and say I have just not been in the mood!!  Sometimes it takes quite sometime to get the pictures down/uploaded, videos downloaded, links found, writing, etc etc...I don't know if I am just doing things the hard way, but it can be a cumbersome sometimes I avoid it.

Anyway this is the way beyond awesome cake my friend Mary decorated for me!!!!  Anna has a thing for owls and this cake came out so adorable!!  THANK YOU MARY!!!

The party was at my mom's house with just my side of the family since Claudio's family had a sudden death and the funeral was scheduled for the same day (we were able to go to the visitation before Anna's party).

The Three Muskateers...Ben, Anna, and their cousin Kyleigh.  All with read hair!   Kyleigh is 6 months younger than Ben (and almost exactly a year older than Anna).  She is very tall for her age...and Ben is very short for his LOL!

These kids crack me up!

Is he screaming???  Nope...that is Ben's camera smile  :)

We made the silly mistake of leaving Anna's gifts downstairs...unsupervised....with the kids..
So, they tore into them and Anna found this owl pillow from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Judi....and she was QUITE pleased with it!!

And the kids had some fun in the pool.  It was SOOO hot and sunny that was hard to stay out there though.

And at the end of the day little Anna was exhausted and passed out asleep before we even got in the car to go home....slept the whole way home and all night.  Happy Birthday my little pixie!!