Saturday, February 07, 2015

Feeding Tube Awareness Week

It is the 5th annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week!  I haven't participated in Feeding Tube Awareness Week for a while....mostly because we are tube free and so I forget!  To check out posts from the 1st and 2nd annual awareness weeks click those links.  And if you want to see the post about removing Anna's tube click here.

 Well here she is...a vibrant and very healthy 5.5yr old.  She is in Kindergarten and learning to read.  She is full of life.  She loves her brother and sisters. 

She is full of spunk, but sweet and selfless.

She loves her dance class and her friends at Little Flowers.

I am here to tell all you mommas out there that there is life after the tubie.  After the diagnosis.  After the never ending doctor appointments.....and the accompanying bills.  Annabella is still a tiny pixie weighing in at 32lbs, but she is healthy.  She eats.  She thrives.

I just showed Anna a picture of her tummy with her tubie and she said, "ohhh I miss my tubie.."  When I asked her why she didn't really know.  But I think I understand.  For over two years her tubie defined her in a way and it sustained her.  There are things I miss about those times too.  And we certainly have more than one family joke about those days.  Now we laugh about pump beeping malfunctions in the middle of the night. 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Birthday Season is Winding Down

All the members of the Salvucci household have birthdays in about a one month period....all except Anna that is, who was born in July.

So starting on January 17th we have Buggy's birthday.  She turned 3.  Unfortunately for her she was a bit under the weather on her birthday.  We thought she had a stomach bug, but no one else got really not sure what was going on with her.  It passed quickly though and she felt well enough to still enjoy her day.

Jan 18th is MY birthday.  The big 3-8 for me.  I celebrated by going out for Indian food.  So goood!!!  I am still full though! ;)

January 25th was little Lucy's 1st birthday!!!  She got a Wheely Bug for her birthday.  She wants nothing to do with it, but the other kids fight over it.

Today, February 5th is Ben's 7th birthday....I can hardly believe that my first little baby is 7years old already!!!!  He wanted nothing but a cheetah costume...and so a cheetah costume he got!

Now there is one birthday left for the season.  CLaudio is on February 26th.  The the long birthday-free stretch until July.  I am done baking cupcakes for a while too LOL