Saturday, July 12, 2008

For Jamie on our Anniversary

The Fifth: Wood

Our sapling's roots have burrowed down
in firm embrace of soil.
Grew strong the trunk and green the crown
that drank of tears and toil.

Another year has passed, my heart,
and this more glorious than the rest—
as winter air did flowers bear
and then to fruit was blessed.

O love, our sacrament renewed!
oh love that shares the life divine,
an earthly three in Trinity
of Father, Word and Spirit sign.

And you, my helpmeet and my queen,
you the strong and brave,
you saw its sorrows and its sword--
and "yes" the word you gave.

Wood has given us the crib,
from wood has come the cross.
But you embraced them equally
and never marked the loss.

My sweet cathedral in the trees
my woodland garden of the soul,
my elm, my oak, my hickory
my kindling and my coal—

Such warmth is in this fifth year now,
and barren winter's done
because you gave your blood and bough
to Benjamin our son.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, my children. May you continue to be as happy for all the tomorrows as you are today (despite the mites!) I love you both. xoxo

Walker said...

Well, dang, Jamie.

You have the most romantic (and poetic) husband in the world.

*I wonder if this comment is posting???

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Walker...why wouldn't it post?