Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Happens When....

You spend too long on the phone with Beany!

I told you he would be too sleepy to eat! LOL....You can see in the pic above there is some smeared baby food on the edge of the tray that was then squashed across his face!

Ben had his 6 month well baby checkup last week. He is 16lbs 1oz and 26.5inches. The doctor said he is wonderful, healthy, and happy. He feels that his constipation problems are most likely due to a milk protein sensitivty. But he felt that it wasn't something to worry about. He said if it was a serious sensitivity he would not be so happy or sleep as well as he does because he would be uncomfortable all the time. So we continue to manage the constipation...which we basically have down to a sience anyway.

Ben is getting more and more mobile which brings new challenges and concerns....especially wondering what our options are with the wood stove this winter. We are looking into different options. We are hoping to depend on the woodstove a lot this winter to help defray the rising costs of heat.

He is also going to bed earlier and earlier it seems! I just put him down at 7:45pm and most likely he will sleep until 6:30am. I guess because he is so much more active during the day he just is ready to be fed and sent to bed by 7. I must say it is nice to have all of this time in the evening, but it also creates some scheduling issues! Hard to be away from home any later than 7pm anymore!


Lily said...

How sweet, I have lots of pics of kids sleeping in their food, it never gets old!

Petrus said...

what a sweetie :)

Julie said...

Hi Jaime, a few thoughts on the wood stove. Last winter Paul was between 7 months and a year during winter. We ended up building a very not pretty fence around it to keep him out. I don't know where your stove is at, but a gate (ours was made out of landscape timbers and cinderblocks - not pretty at all! :) ), can be made pretty easily, and cheaply. I have some ideas we have tried, if you are interested.