Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Dare You To Tell Me He Isn't The Cutest Kid!

I think Ben woke up this morning looking like a little boy and no longer a baby. In seven days he will turn 1 and I am shocked. It helps me get a bittersweet perspective as we await our new baby. Those 2am feedings really are just a miniscule phase, those clingy whiny phases are fleeting amidst weeks of sweet baby lovliness, that first tooth, cold, ear infection, diaper rash, owie is a meer blink. At the time we are going through these things it seems as if the days stretch on into eternity.....and yet it is a whole year gone by.

Ben in all his glorious sweetness...munching on pizza crust...and a nice shot of my foot LOL

Here he is meandering about with one of his favorite stuffed animals. It is a monkey that Claudio named Brooklyn, but we can't remember why LOL

And in case you are wondering why he has no pants on so often lately.....he just likes having his pants off. Nothing makes him happier than being unfettered. So we indulge :)

So I dare ya ;)

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KathyA said...

Beautiful child and you're right--it goes very fast.