Monday, March 16, 2009

We're Off and Running Now!!

Before very recently Ben has never worn shoes with soles. And many generous people have given us a HEAP of hand me down shoes (that look like brand new!) but not a single pair was in his size (he is on the small side). I tried the ones that were closest to his size and it was as if his feet were suddenly encased in cement and it was followed by much whining, crying and frustration.

Today we went on a trip to the Goodwill thrift store just for a reason to get out of the house. When we walked in the door we saw these adorable little orange sneakers in just the right size and they were brand new from the Children's Place!! But wait!! It gets better!!! They were marked at $2.99, but it turned out they were on sale for 50% off!! So they cost us $1.50!!

These shoes he took to almost immediately and he has been off and running ever since!

For about a moment I was concered about orange sneakers rarely matching his clothes, but then I decided they would match his hair every day! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Great find! Looks like he is having fun. :)