Friday, April 10, 2009

Self Feeding

Ben, being the good little fellow he is, still lets me feed him with a spoon, but lately he has gotten a little annoyed or refused to eat. I had figured that as long as he would let me feed him I would so I knew he was eating a well rounded diet. But then it occurred to me that when the new baby arrives I am not so sure I am going to want be spoon feeding him myself.

So I let him give it a shot tonight when he got annoyed with me feeding him applesauce.

He was somewhat successful in that he did get a few spoonfulls into his mouth...although you would never know it from these videos. And as clean as he looks at this point....the rest of the applesauce was eaten with his hands and lets just say he was stripped down to his diaper before he was allowed to leave the high chair.

PS special cameo appearance by Bunny in the second video :)

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Gobbagram said...

Think a shorter spoon would help? I have if you want! xo