Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ben Learns to Climb...

And life at Casa Salvucci is changed forever. Just a week ago his pediatrician asked me if he was a which I happily replied that he WAS NOT! I definitely spoke too soon!

Ben is a little small for his age, but he must have had a growth spurt recently because suddenly everything is climbable and reachable!

Yesterday, while I was making dinner, he got awfully quiet in the living room. So I went to check on him where I found him STANDING on a ROCKING CHAIR taking cookies off the table. He ate about half the package before I caught him!

Well anyway, below are some pics of him when he first discovered his new ability..

BTW just to explain 1. why shoes with pajamas and 2. why only one shoe: He has a little obsession with shoes at the moment. He just learned to say "shoes". So he wants them on all the time and will bring them to me to put on first thing in the morning. This morning we couldn't find his other sandle, but he was happy to clomp around with just the one (it was later found upstairs tucked carefully in the laundry basket)

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Gobbagram said...

That's not the "naughty" chair, is it?