Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

For Father's Day Cla decided he wanted to go to Tyler Park in PA. It is a beautiful state park with a great playground, a creek to wade in, and lots of paths and trails for walking/hiking.

This is just a pic of Ben doing a little reading while we got everything ready to go. He loves sitting at the table now.

Here is Ben VERY excited to be out and running around on the playground. I assure you he was screaching with delight!

We discovered a little maze to go through. Here is Ben picking up a pebble while trying to make his way through the maze.

And he's off!

Trying to climb his way out LOL

Daddy with his sweet boy.

Because we have had so much rain the creek was really fast and deep. Usually it is very shallow and gravelly and kids run around on the rocks, but we had to hold Ben carefully and just let him put his feet in this time.

Here I am at 36 weeks. I LOVE wading in the creek!

Claudio looking for salamanders and other amphibians.

And on the way home we saw this rainbow :) Its hard to see but it is next to the second pole from the left.


Anonymous said...

That is a great park. Of course we haven't really explored the kiddie stuff yet, but I'll have to remember it's a good one for that too. :)

Anonymous said...

didja find any salamanders?