Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Hanging Around

So, what have we been up to? Well, first our house is now under contract with settlement set for 8/31. So as you can see from the current pics we are in the midst of packing. Wonder where we are moving?? SO DO WE!! We have no idea at the moment.

Benjamin is more hysterical and amazing everyday. Between sign language and new words he is pretty good at communicating with us. His first molar has come in. He will now eat some fruits and veggies. He particularly loves blueberries and would gladly eat them with every meal. He is a tough little boy who shrugs off bleeding skinned knees and is a daredevil. He gave up his highchair for a much more grown up and sophisticated booster seat.

As for Annabella........we are ALL wondering where she is! She was due three days ago! At my appt. two days ago I was only about 1cm. I go again tomorrow afternoon and hopefully things will be farther along. The docs would have been glad to have induced me already, so depending on what is going on tomorrow I doubt they will let me go much further. But we shall see. I have dreams of my water breaking any moment and her coming without any intervention!

And that is about all we are up to here....

Just hanging out and waiting....

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Anonymous said...

I saw all the posts in my reader and got excited thinking the baby must have arrived! I'm praying she comes out soon, on her own, and surely in a less dramatic manner than our little guy just did! Hoping the house plans come together soon as well. :)