Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day Weekend in Virginia

Over the Labor Day weekend we took a trip to VA to visit my dad and stepmom. They live on Lake Anna and we love to go down and swim in the lake.

THis little doll chair is perfect size for Benjamin and he takes it over as if it is his throne.

There is my dad making salad for dinner. Claudio thinks they make the best salads....other than the lake they are a major highlight of our trip ;)

We spent lots of time lounging around (making weird faces)

We went for walks down to the community beach/dock where there is a sandbox and a boat launch, which when not in use is a perfect little spot for a toddler to try out the water.

Here is Ben at the boat launch. He was remarkably fearless in the lake...wanting to just walk off into the water with no regard for depth.

Everyone had advice....*sigh*

Anna's first trip to my dad's dock/boathouse

Ben had a blast in the lake and just playing on the dock!

Anna, on the other hand, mostly slept :)

Benjamin insisted on climbing all the stairs back up to the house....He is a stud!

Look at all these stairs!!!

Having fun with Grandma Judi

Anna took a quick dip with mommy...just for fun.

All that swimming Anna did worked up an she is demanding her dinner!

Other than that...lots of cuddling with Grandma and resting happened :)


Gobbagram said...

Who is that handsome guy in the speedo? Woohoo

M. Alexander said...

Lovin' the Grandma pics! You all look like the beautiful people!

Coming from MA that IS a compliment.