Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What We're Learning

Well, Ben is at that delicious spongey age where he picks things up so easily and loves repetition, drilling, and learning in general. So we decided to try and direct him a little in his learning. We are working on a very simple preschool curriculum. You can see the areas it covers each week below. We are doing each unit for two weeks though.

We are learning all about cows this week. Reading about cows, coloring cows, learning what cows say, looking at pictures of cows. And Ben already knows his letters but this lets us really focus on one at a time. We are coloring pictures each day to make a letter book.

We spend however long Ben is willing to sit and do any given activity. If he loses interest then we just move on and come back to it later.

He loves sitting at his new little table and chairs and keeping busy with all of his important work!
We are also trying to learn how to look at the camera for pictures...and maybe even SMILE at the appropriate time!! Here are the results of that lesson LOL..

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let me know when you need a calculus tutor....