Monday, December 06, 2010


Outside my window... It is blustery, gray, and cold. I love it. Just add in some snow and it would be a perfect late Fall day!

I am thinking...About the kids. Ben and his seeming inability to potty train. There are few things in the world grosser than cleaning up a poopy accident. Anna had her first official weigh in post surgery. We were at the nutritionist this morning. She is 17lbs1oz which is an weight increase, but she also grew about an inch so she is still actually thinner. She has lost more ground and we were told she is categorized as "severly underweight". So it has been recommended that she start supplemental tbe feedings via a tube in her nose *sigh*

I am thankful for...Outstanding medical care.

From the learning rooms... We have only done table time a few times. Mostly because Ben hasn't been wanting to do it and at his age it is not worth pushing for. So we have been learning about this season of Advent and the Feast of St. Nicholas, and Christmas. We have been trying to learn about going on the potty. We are learning about manners. And that little brain is always churning!

From the kitchen...Lemon garlic chicken in the crockpot. St. Nicholas cocoa in our mugs. Candy canes and chocolate coins for snacks.

I am wearing... denim skirt and black shirt

I am going... to do some laundry. Do some knitting. Do some wrapping. Do some snuggling.

I am reading... Jane of Lantern Hill. I finally finished the Emily series and I feel like I have lost all my dear friends...having finished the Anne series, Little House series, Betsy Tacy series, and now the Emily series I have been acquainted with all of these dear girls intimately and now they are done and there is nothing left of them for me to read. I am heartbroken!

I am hoping... That Anna's feeding tube can be placed before Christmas and that it is not something that is going to drive her bananas or be too difficult for us to manage.

I am hearing...the TV on in the background. The kids are napping and I hate silence.

Around the house...We have discovered that we are too poor to finish finishing our basement. We will not have the money to put down carpeting right now. So once the spackling is done and I finish painting we are done for now. We are hoping that perhaps our tax return this year will be sufficient to pay for the carpeting, but not sure on that as we are being bombarded once again with heaps of medical bills.

One of my favorite things... Benjamin

A few plans for the rest of the week: Nothing much. Need to make some appts for Anna. Need to get my Christmas cards out. Wednesday is a holyday of Mass.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing: Nothing in the world as beautiful as sibling love.

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claire said...

It's too bad they won't give her a little bit more time before inserting the feeding tube. It seems like it would be expected for her weight gain to have slowed even more than previously, so soon after surgery.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

1. I thought Ben was Mr. Super Easy Potty Trainer! Has he reverted some? He can't possibly be doing worse than my Mary. She was fully trained at 19 months, having really initiated a full-blast training at 18 months. Then she was fully trained for several months. Then she began reverting, one awful step at a time. Now she even poops in her diaper, sneaking off to a corner, and then doesn't tell me she needs changing. It's SO FRUSTRATING because I know she's capable. She's 24 months now and I'm considering launching potty training anew, as I've totally thrown up my hands.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

2. I forgot my other comment. The carpet thing made me wonder where old carpet goes to die. I mean, when an office gets new carpeting, what does it do with its old carpeting? I would think that a big square scrap of used office carpeting would still be plenty useful and fine for a basement play room. I wonder how one could find out where and when that carpet is going to be available? What about calling a carpet installing company and asking if you could have a big scrap from an office job, where they're just taking it away and throwing it at the dump?

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

He WAS super potty boy as long as he was bare bottom. He NEVER got past that. As I said he was fully trained that way, but absolutely never even once made it to the potty with underwear on. So we wound up taking a break for a while and put him back in diapers. So we just restarted last week. No bare bottom at all. Only underwear (sometimes pants sometimes not). He is doing well. Today he stayed totally dry and one time actually went potty without me reminding him. Just got up and went. So things are going well so far. No poopy on the potty yet (3 or 4 accidents and severally conveniently done at naptime when he has a diaper on).