Sunday, February 06, 2011

Guess Who is Three!!!!!

I can really hardly believe it. That my tiny, sweet, little, baby boy is 3 already!! He is smart, he is sassy, he is SO funny, he is snuggly, he is helpful, he is loving, he is SOO handsome and beautiful. He challenges me and he completes me. He melts my heart. He is the child of my dreams.

On his birthday I really do love to remember the day leading up to his birth. It was such an exciting time...waiting for him. And labor and delivery went calmly, smoothly, with a little stubbornness at the end for good measure. Much like Ben lives his life. I find the same with Annabella.....her labor and delivery very much mirror her personality and her "ways". I can remember my fears, my thoughts, my reactions, and my excitement. I can remember the first time our eyes met in the dim light....even then quiet but in inquisitive! *sigh* it truly does go so fast....

Here he is on his birthday morning opening some little presents. It was the first time he really understood the idea of receiving presents and opening presents. He was very exciting to tear the paper off and see what was inside. Even Christmas a few months ago he didn't quite get it.

He got a new CD to listen to. I put a CD player in the playroom downstairs and now he doesn't go down there without putting on a CD first thing! He loves books or stories on CD and music.

And I didn't get a great shot of his face, but he has a great bit sparkly eyed smile as he opened his Ostheimer kangaroo!! I am sure I have mentioned before that he loves kangaroos, he loves to bounce, and he is going to be a kangaroo when he grows up!

And he got a Memory game. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this game as a child. And on his favorite show, Charlie and Lola, they play a similar game called "Flip Flop", so I thought he might be enjoy it.

After presents we had a breakfast with all of his favorites! Pancakes, bacon, and sausage with real maple syrup! And he actually ate!! Yum!!

He told me he would not smile for the camera....

Later in the day my family and some family friends came for a little birthday party for Ben. Here is his cake. My stepmom, Grandma Judi made this delcious EGG FREE cake for Ben! He was SOOO excited to get to have cake!!
As you can see I am not one of those moms with fantastic cake decorating skills. But it is still pretty cute! And it tasted great!

And since it takes a lot of energy to be a whole year older he fell fast asleep in my arms just after 6pm :) And I held him for a while before carrying him to bed........because he is also one year closer to being to old to fall asleep in momma's arms....


Meghan said...

Love those sweet sleeping baby pics! Three already?! It truly does fly by. Your cake looked both delicious and well decorated. Happy birthday to Ben!

Jen said...

Looks like a wonderful day!