Monday, October 31, 2011

A Haloween Tradition is Born

I happened to catch a commercial for the Charlie Brown special The Great Pumpkin and even though I am insane about the kids being to bed on time we thought it would be fun to let them stay up to watch the special for the first time.

I made some of Ben's favorite chocolate "pupcakes" and the kids got their pajamas on and everything ready for bed.

I am not sure that *I* ever saw this special and I never realized how sarcastic Charlie Brown is.  I am sure most of it went over their heads, but they got a great kick out of the pumpkins and Snoopy.
And amazingly, even going to bed an hour late the world kept spinning and life continued as normal.  So lesson learned for mama as well!

Today is Anna's first follow up with the feeding/swallowing team at CHOP.  I am hoping she has gained weight that will be the crowning glory to all of this.  She continues to do great with her "bites" at home.  She is for the most part 100% that will be good news to the team I am sure.

Then we will be home for trick or treating, dinner, and a movie with popcorn (Ben has requested Toy Story).  BTW say a prayer that there is no major trauma over the likely need to confiscate much of Ben's candy due to dairy/egg ingredients.

Tomorrow Ben has his first dentist appt for a regular cleaning and check up.  I am pretty sure this won't go well, but I love our dentist and they are super caring and understanding.  So I hope they can put his mind at ease.  I am sure they deal with unhappy kids on a regular basis. 

Then in the afternoon I have a routine growth scan (ultrasound) with the perinatologist.  I am 29 weeks and happy to be entering the homestretch!

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