Friday, June 15, 2012

Organizing The Small Spaces, Part 1

So, here I am nearly 5M postpartum and therefore losing any possible excuse for the disorder that is going on in my household. So I am on a mission to get the house and the people in the house whipped into shape before September when Ben starts homeschool Kindergarten....that is almost like for real school!

This means organizing all the STUFF, but also creating new schedules and new habits. Cracking down on the areas we have gotten lax know like insisting Ben actually get dressed everyday. Getting the children more involved in the chores and functioning of the house. Creating new and predictable rhythms. Working on the obedience....obedience to the parents for Ben and Anna and obedience to my vocation for me.

Organizing the small spaces around my house to get rid of the physical and visual disorder and organizing the small spaces in my heart that I might do the best I can do each day. These are big jobs...for me anyway.

So we are starting small. I am going to clean up all of the little places where disaster accumulates.

Above the entertainment center.  You know where you just toss the tapes and dvds instead of putting them away.  Also Claudio leaves whatever he finds in his pockets up here.

Ohh, and also IN the entertainment center.  Because sometimes I don't leave the tapes and dvds on top.  Sometimes I throw them in the cabinet.  Nice, huh.

The homeschool bookshelf....some little person can't keep her grubby paws off this it needs lots of straightening and some cracking down on said grubby paws!

My desk is under there somewhere folks.  Clearly it needs to be a working area for me and it ain't.

The back porch often functions as a mud room and a place to put things you just want out of sight out of mind.
I am not sure the disgusting swirls of filth can be seen on these window panes, but rest assured they are there and need some serious attention.

Another shelf of random "just get this out of my way" stuff.

We must break records in terms of the number of junk drawers we have going in this house.....have drawer, find junk I swear.

My cabinets...nuff said.

Another drawer of junk.

My white board.

My pantry shelves.  Full of random junk and could be filled with useful things I need easy access to.  THIS MUST CHANGE!

So, what small spaces do you have that need organizing, renovating, and improvement?


Katherine T. Lauer said...

I hear you, sister. I feel like this summer is about my getting organized, instilling AGAIN good routines with the kids, getting them more involved with chores (for when I'm even more pregnant), and doing a refresher on obedience. Phew.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

We somehow have fallen into NO routine. Seriously. Even naps sort of happen when I finally wrangle Anna into her bed. It is a MESSSSSSSS. I do not function without ORDER!

Gobbagram said...

How's the organization coming?

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Good....too busy organizing to post an update ;)

Just finished sorting sippy cups, pyrex, and corningware (if you need any let me know because I am getting rid of a pile of them), bread off the counter and into a drawer, pantry better organized, junk drawers unjunked, entertainment center more entertaining....haven't touched the back porch though...waiting for a cabinet ;P