Sunday, April 28, 2013

Big Pocono State Park

After Mass today we took a trip to Big Pocono State Park.  This is where Camelback ski/waterpark/resort area is also located and happens to be barely more than down the block from our house.

The possibly unfortunate thing about this place is that you drive to the top of the mountain and park.  Then there are trails back down the mountain, but they are within the woods.  So it isn't like you are having views while you hike.  And anywhere you hike you then have to hike back up to the top.  LOL....although I am not sure that it would be better the other way around either.  Either way, with small kids, hiking uphill is not the MOST fun you can have.  But it was still a lovely visit.

view from the top off the north side

it was a bit hazy and overcast so the pics of the views are not too clear.  It was really breathtaking.

This was really neat.  At the top of the mountain was this large compass and you can point it to the octagons and it will tell you what your are looking at.  So if you point the compass to Wind Gap the compass arrow is then pointing to Wind Gap off on the horizon and tells you how many miles off it is.

In the distance there you can see the Delaware Water Gap

Delaware Water Gap again

and again...I was trying to get a clearer picture of it.

This was at an area called "Vista" that had particularly nice views of the south side of the mountain

look at that face *smooch smooch smooch*  I ask her all the time, "Why don't you kiss me??"

My two gorgeous little gals at the top of a mountain

And "Alpha Baby" pushes her big brother and sister out of the way so she can be Queen

Look out world here comes Buggy!
Other highlights from the trip included using an outhouse (for your sake I didn't take pictures of that fiasco).  And Ben and Anna's first experience with a water fountain!!!

We think we will go back for a longer hike with food and water so we can make lots of stops and take our time.


Allison said...

I would want to be on that mountain top as much as possible! The photos are SO PRECIOUS!

Have you been to Callie's Candy Kitchen yet? BuckHill Falls is a super walking trail. What a wonderful place for your children to grow up. Much of my youth was spent skiing there.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the recommendations! WE really know nothing around here..So any other fun spots please let me know!!

Petrus said...


Anonymous said...

The top photo is the profile of Bea and her Daddy head to head. You can see her little pearl earring that matches her white sweater. Adorable.

What a FANTASTIC house you guys have! Hope you are enjoying your new parish, too. -- jae

Jennifer said...

Looks like so much fun! Your kids are just so adorable too.