Saturday, June 01, 2013

Today We Got Some Wonderful Deals!!

So, I signed Ben up for Fall soccer (which is really more like late summer soccer because practice begins the end of July I believe). I was told that even though at age 5 he is in a non competitive, only instructional team, he would still need cleats, shin guards, and socks.

I wasn't about to go run to Sports Authority to spend $40 on cleats for a 5yr old that might decide on the first day of practice that soccer is his least favorite thing in the world. I am pretty sure I wouldn't spend it even if soccer was his favorite thing. I don't spend that much for his everyday shoes. So I was on a mission. I recalled seeing a whole dept of sports shoes at a local consignment shop so I headed over. The smallest shoe they had was 11 and Ben wears a 9...But after asking around on FB for advice I discovered that cleats run small! So I ran back to the shop this time WITH Ben and lo and behold the like new Nike cleats fit just right!! And they had a pair of XS shin guards new in the box. $13 for both. Then a friend offered us some soccer socks to have. So we are SET!

Then on my drive home I noticed a little yard sale that had a large outdoor table with chairs and an umbrella. I pulled into the driveway and rolled the window down to ask how much. Expecting something in the 100s...because I had recently shopped around Craigs List and didn't see anything for less then 100 dollars and that was without umbrella or without chairs etc. But to my shock and amazement she said $30! WHAT????????????????????????????? So I gave her the money, grabbed the chairs, ran home to drop off the kids and unload the carseats. When I went back they also GAVE me two little plastic kiddie chairs and a kids' basketball hoop!! So for $43 today I got like new cleats, new shin guards, handmedown soccer socks, a large glass outdoor table with four chairs, umbrella, and umbrella stand, basketball hoop, and two little chairs!!!

My work here is done!

Here is my loot:


Anonymous said...

No kidding. Great deals. That kiddie table was a huge bonus. I know they gave it to you because your kids are so freaking cute.jae

Anonymous said...

BTW, if you ever need to buy chairs or another table, I am a fan of wrought iron tables and chairs. I've had my table for 25 years (I think once I spiffed it up with black spray paint) and all of my chairs are a minimum of 10 years old. That stuff just lasts and you can comfy it up with pillows. j

Mary said...

Outstanding. You are ready for a yard party in the Pocanos! I understand the rhubarb thing. No amount of sugar or sweetner can really help.