Tuesday, October 01, 2013

My Beloved Mud Room!

When we started looking for a new house one of the features I was hoping to have was a mudroom. In our old house the front door opened up right into the living room and so the living room became a total dumping ground. Shoes, jackets, gloves, wet things, bags, mail, etc etc...It drove me NUTS!!!

So, I dreamed of a place where the dirty shoes lives and the jackets could hang and everything could be found when it was needed.

Our new house has a large, enclosed breezeway that attaches the side of the house to the garage. And it wasn't set up as a mudroom but it had plenty of potential to become one!  One side was basically empty space and the other side has our slop sink and the door to the back yard.  In the middle is the side door to our house.

This is the side of the breezeway closest to the front of the house.  The door just to the right of the picture opens to our driveway, the entrance most used to enter our house.  A perfect mudroom spot!!  This is obviously our before picture.  Just a big ole empty space.

And the after!!  I love love love!!!  Cla made a quick trip to Lowes, bought lumber and set to work.  A nice bench to sit and get your shoes on, storage under the bench where each kid has their own crate to keep their shoes in.  Enough hooks to hang the jackets.  And storage above for the currently unneeded boots, scarves, hats, gloves.


Katherine T. Lauer said...

Love love love!

Robyn said...

LOOKS FABULOUS!!! Claudio did a fantastic job!!!

Allison said...

I LUV it, too! BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

That is so terrific. It's perfect! - j

Gobbagram said...

where is Lucy's crate?

Jen said...

Wow! Looks great.