Monday, November 11, 2013


The Feast of St. Martin is traditionally a big feast marking the end of the growing season and the start of the harvest, the end of Autumn and the beginning of winter, and the end of the Octave of All Saints. It was celebrated in Europe like our Thanksgiving with large celebrations with food, bonfires, lanterns, and treats.

We try to have a very small, humble St. Martin celebration.

We made and lit some lanterns.  These are just mason jars with colored tissue paper glued to it.  Makes a beautiful stained glass effect once lit.

For a treat we made Martinshörnchen (St. Martin's Croissants).  Croissants are a semi-circle to remind us of the cloak he cut in half to save a beggar from the cold.  There is a traditional recipe here: martinshornchen recipe.  I used a can of crescent rolls because they are egg and dairy free that way.  I just brushed them with dairy free margarine and sprinkled some sugar before rolling them up.  Then brushed the tops with more margarine and a little sugar.  So easy and quite yummy!

And some simple St. Martin pictures to color in.  You can find the free printable here

this kid is hilarious

Buggy photo bomb??

don't let this smile fool you  ;)

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Meem said...

Great coloring! I always wanted to make those jars....