Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ben's First Piano Recital

Benjamin has been playing the piano for several months now and had his first recital today.  He was first up on the program (his teacher admitted to me later that she chose him to go first because she felt his cuteness factor would get the recital off to a good start can hear people giggling and "awwww"ing even as he climbs up onto the bench!)

Just a note about his performance.  My silly boy.  The first piece he had prepared to play by memory.  The second piece was not prepared to be played by memory.  I had put the sheet music for the second piece inside his book.  In typical Ben fashion he didn't realize I did that and didn't think to ask OR to worry about it.  He just went ahead and played that by memory as well.  He did a great job, but that was why it was a little choppy.  I realized what he had done as he started to play with no music in front of him.  Typical Ben sort of thing to do.....and good for him!

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