Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Tooth and a Miracle!

****disclaimer: I just got a new camera and my already poor photography skills are made so much worse due to it

Anna lost her first tooth today. I doubt anyone has ever lost a tooth to as much cheers and congratulations as this girl received!!  She has been talking about it a mile a minute ever since and was very excited about a visit from the tooth fairy.

We carefully stored the tooth in a tiny little miniature cup with plans to put it into a ziplock to store under pillow.  While I was at soccer practice with Ben I am not sure exactly what happened, but it sounded like she took the tooth from the cup, put it in a ziplock herself and then went out to sit in the grass to wait for me to get home.

When I pulled in the driveway I found a very frantic and tearful little girl.  The tooth somehow magically fell out of the ziplock into the grass.  Wailing and gnashing of teeth.

I can only imagine it was a miracle that lead Claudio to actually find this tiny tiny little tooth in the grass after looking for about 20 minutes.

So Annabella is tucked safely into bed with her tooth tucked on her pillow.  And the tooth fairy should be here any moment!

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