Thursday, March 10, 2016

10 New Little Birds

So, to add to our 6 laying hens Claudio picked up 10 new chicks (our running joke is "Hey, I just picked up a bunch of Tractor Supply"). We are raising these for meat. It is our first venture into raising anything meat related. We have butchered a chicken when one of our layers got hit by a car and was injured. We were able to get it in the freezer. But now we will have ten to process.

We have five red rangers and five cornish. One type is a typical meat bird and one type is good at foraging. I don't remember which is which. Right now they just all look cute and fluffy and are living in their box in the basement until they are big enough to rough the elements outdoors.


A Young Momma said...

Oh my!!! What cuteness!!! :)
I bet your kids are going to enjoy taking care of them.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Well they are enjoying them while they are cute! Chickens get ugly pretty quickly LOL....but since these are meat birds they won't be with us too long. They enjoy helping to care for our layers, but I am not sure how involved they wll be with these since it is a different kind of experience. They are kept differently and fed differently etc. Chickens you want to lay eggs for a long time you take extra loving care of. Meat birds have short lives based on kind of eating enough and growing and that is about it.