Thursday, November 15, 2007

MORE Sweaters for Benjamin..

Well, this is going to be one WARM kid that is for sure!! These four sweaters were given to me as a kid to use with my dolls! I can't remember who made them or who they were made for. I kept them all these years and they are in perfect condition. I washed them yesterday and now they are ready for Ben to grow into them!

The yellow and green sweater reminds me of Bert and Ernie :)

I love the hat with the earflaps :)

And just had to add the above. Went into the purple room to take the pictures only to find little Mr. Bunny taking a snooze. This is teh day bed we just moved into that room and it has quickly become a favorite spot for his afternoon snooze. taken with my phone (as always) hence the poor quality.

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