Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some Pics From Last Night

It was hot in the house last night. So since Ben loves to be without clothes we thought this was a good opportunity to let him be unfettered. He has the cutest little body!

He almost always has his hands together like in the picture below. And he is starting to discover his feet! We went for a walk last night and met our neighbors who have a 1 month old little girl and I couldn't believe how tiny she was!! I can't believe how much Ben has grown!!

Here is Ben a couple moments later in his summer pajamas (thanks gma/gpa) and fast asleep. This baby is like a clock! That dorky little lion rattle is his favorite toy.

I hope Aunt Robyn, Grandma, and Jess all find these pictures satisfactory with no fodder for criticism :P


Anonymous said...

The pictures are perfect! Love the 2nd one with the expression like "Mom - I'm half naked - do you have to take my picture now?"
And the last picture - of course he's fast asleep - you exhausting him with all that CVS shopping!
Poor little guy!

Rebecca said...

Too cute. I still think he looks just like you, Jamie!

Petrus said...

I love the pictures :) I especially like the one where he's practicing the watching football and drinking beer pose :) Its the last one!!