Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Husbands Need Babysitters!

So I came home from a walk with Benjamin and the first thing I hear when I open the door is, "Uh ohh....I'm in trouble!"

See I left for the walk at the beginning of Claudio's lunch at which time he informed me he would be puttering around in the shed. The shed being strictly HIS domain I thought nothing of it....

But when I came home this was the first thing I saw....a mess all over the kitchen....

What could Cla be up to? Well, I had heard little hints and tidbits of his plan, but decided to dismiss them....that was a mistake. He gets these hairbrained schemes every year at this time. I am beginning to think my husband runs on solar energy!

And there was Cla......frantically stirring, with a glimmer of mad scientist in his eye, and hopelessly trying to explain himself and his project...

This is what was going on in the pot. Look apetizing?

This book is to blame, one of his Country Skills/Live Self-Sufficient books! Of course in a book about self sufficient living there is a recipe for fruit leather....What a delicious way to perserve fruit and make a tasty snack......but what you don't know is that the recipe calls for cooking/drying the fruit IN YOUR CAR!!!! Yes that is right...the slimy blueish mess above is now on one of my cookie sheets and sitting in the rear window of our car. Since Cla also put the digital thermometer in there I can tell from the comfort of my home that it is 108 degrees in my car currently.....perfect temp to make fruit leather....duh!

Anyway...*sigh* Here is Ben and my CVS deals for the week....Typical type stuff...Got it all for "free". Meaning no money out of my pocket. The cashier has found the whole thing quite amusing :) I am going to go back later in the week because I missed a Colgate toothpaste deal.

And here is a random picture of Ben from the other day. Just thought it was funny...he is wearing a shirt that is a few months too big and pants a few months too small...throw in some yellow and white striped socks and you have a case for the fashion police!

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Petrus said...

I think you buy toothbrushes everytime with your free money :) I think I'll forget my toothbrush the next time I visit you so that I can try one :) LOL.