Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Many Faces of Benjamin..

I have fallen behind with pictures and posts....so in an effort to just get the pics up....here are a bunch. I couldn't think of any theme or anything...its just a bunch of pictures that my mom took when they were here a week or so ago.

How cute is this sweater my mom made? It is actually not for Ben, but for his cousin who is yet to be born! She will be about 4 months when it starts getting chilly so mom wanted to make sure it was the right size for her ;)

This sweater is SOOO adorable....I have heard word that one in the appropriate Benjamin size is in the works as we speak!

This beautiful crocheted set was made by my friend Gina. While it doesn't quite go with the Elmo t-shirt and denim shorts it is still GORGEOUS and will be a treasured gift!


Walker said...

Wow! Grandma made those? She's talented as hell and, as usual, Benjamin is adorable

Anonymous said...

That knitted sweater is so beautiful and looks so warm, wish I could knit! Thanks for putting up the picture of the blue set so I could see it on him! There aren't enough words to describe his cuteness. How do you say "beautiful boy" in Mohawk?