Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ben Update

So we are about two weeks post tongue tie snipping and Ben is doing great! He sits with us at dinner and eats bits and pieces of this and that. Here is with smooshed carrots all over his face.

We tried giving him a little monkey plate we had for him but he was so excited that the plate had a face that he just kept dumping the food off of it and laughing at the monkey.

Below are just some random pictures of Ben over the last week or so. He was just too cute all bundled up to play outside while daddy painted the porch.

And here is one of the sweaters featured here. I can't believe they are starting to fit! Gosh he is cute isn't he?!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! :)

Walker said...

I always like to look at monkey plates, too. Seems a shame to put food on the, eh Ben??

Anonymous said...



Petrus said...

He is so cute, he is looking more and more like his godmother every day.

Mary Bennett said...

Oh take a picture of him with the monkey plate? Please? He is growing so fast!!!