Friday, March 06, 2009

Ben's First Haircut

Well, we had actually cut Ben's mullet off just before his first birthday. I loved his shaggy bangs, but they were starting to drive him bananas. I just can't see paying to have someone else give my son a bad haircut when I can give him a bad haircut myself!

Definitely a challenge to cut the hair of a moving target!!

The bangs came out a little short (because a certain grandma kept insisting they were still hanging in his eyes LOL). But otherwise pretty successful!

The finished product.

Doesn't he look all grown up now!!


Katherine T. Lauer said...

Super cute haircut. It is very difficult to cut baby hair because they're always moving! And today was the first day my two-year-old told me NO, I couldn't cut his hair! It took some convincing on my part.

Walker said...

He is just adorable with a very snazzy haircut.

Sandy said...

Can I bring Joshua over for a haircut??? I have trimmed over his ears 2x already and he needs that + a regular haircut too! LOL