Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anna is 4 Months Old!

Well here they are, each at 4 months, to compare. The biggest difference between the two is I still look at Anna as my itsy bitsy tiny little baby girl. And 90% of the time I call her "Baby Girl" and so Ben almost always calls her "Baby!"

Anna has started holding onto toys (or anything she can grab), she has found her feet and always has BOTH hands in her mouth. While she used to be able to roll from her belly to her back, now that she can go from her back to her belly she seems to have forgotten how to get back onto her tummy! This leaves her quite stranded and upset! I feel like at this age Ben was an old whizz at rolling and rolling and was starting to be able to get around a little....he just seemed like an old man to me in comparison.

I have started giving her some baby oatmeal. She still isn't quite ready...still pushing it out of her mouth. So I just try every few days or so. She does seem to really like the taste, but just isn't ready reflex-wise.

She sleeps like a champ. She usually gets up around 7-7:30 which is a treat compared to Ben!

Overall she is the sweetest smiliest doll baby with an infectuous giggle!!

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