Saturday, July 31, 2010

Anna's 1 Year Well Check

Anna had her 1yr well check-up on Thursday. First of all I think we finally found a doctor we really like. We are on our third practice and our 6th doctor since Ben was born! Our new doctor, "Dr. Michael", was totally delightful, extraordinarily personable with the kids (even my very shy/fearful Benjamin was willing to give him a high five and I think Anna is waiting for a propsal!), listened and explained things clearly, nice office, great office staff. I can't praise them enough.

So overall Anna is a beautiful, happy, healthy, little girl who is right on target developmentally. She is a smiley, lovely, joy. We have been blessed with two of the lovliest children!!

Anna's weight was 16lbs2oz (exactly one pound gained since her 9M check) and 28.5inches tall. Her height puts her in the small, but respectable 25th percentile and her weight has fallen even further below anything measurable on their scale. At 9M she was 3rd I guess now she is...0? I don't know he basically just said it was significantly below the lowest curve. So my tiny pixie will be having a little bloodwork done to test some basic things like thyroid, liver function, blood count, and a full metabolic panel, and celiac. Because she is developmentally right on target we are hoping to find nothing wrong and to be told that we simply have tiny kids!

In the mean time I was told to fatten her up! Butter everything, full fat dairy, extra syrup, extra oil. All of the things they tell us adults to cut down on! Same with Ben, who has been stable at the 5th% for weight for the last year or so is also very small and could use a few extra pounds. So I am hoping to have two butterballs by Christmas! We take Anna back in 6 weeks for a weight check and Ben in 3 months for a weight check.

At home Anna is very very busy exploring whatever she can get her hands on. She loves climbing stairs and couches (and potty seats), she loves unrolling toilet paper and ripping it to shreds, and most of all she loves driving her poor brother batty!!! She cruises along like a pro and has taken a few unassisted steps here and there. She finally got a third tooth as of this morning!! Totally out of order, but a third tooth none the less! She got her ears pierced the week before her birthday (and so did I) and she is just more radiantly beautiful everyday!!! Her hair is starting to come in and get some curls an we are thinking it is a nice strawberry blonde. Not as red as Ben, but just red enough to add to her sweetness!!

There is my little cutie!!!

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