Friday, July 30, 2010

Caterpillars and Tomatos

I saw this fuzzy little character on our screened porch this morning. Benjamin was very excited to see a real caterpillar since his only experience with them comes from various Leap Frog toys!

So Claudio decided to see if we could put him in a tank and watch him make a cocoon and then a moth (Cla looked it up and found it is one of those big ugly gray moths.....not some beautiful butterfly).

Hi little fellow!

There he is in his new home

So he is sitting on a table in our living room. He is just sitting there....very lethargic. I keep thinking he is dead, but he isn't LOL! He doesn't seem to be eating any of the leaves (perhaps the ones Cla picked are not to its liking??). We have a depressed caterpillar!
In brighter are two jars of tomatos from our garden! Yum!!

Anna has really been enjoying the tomatos. She likes them sliced up or whole and she just munches away at them. Here she is with the leftover skin of a tomato stuck to her head after lunch LOL!! The funny thing is I took it off and put it on the high chair tray and she picked it up and put it back on her head!! She is such a little character!

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