Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweet Moments

Benjamin spent several days re-enacting this sweet scene below with some of our dollhouse furniture and figures.

He would take the baby and put it carefully to bed, attach its "music" (mobile), and then seat momma and pappa carefully in chairs to watch vigil. In the crib with the baby he would put a little hair bow of Anna's that I think was functioning as a stuffed animal or lovie of some sort.

For some reason this just struck me as so tender and sensitive. We have bathrooms and bedrooms and kitchens for the dollhouse but he just gravitated to the sweet nursery and the care of the little baby and that it should be put down for a nap lovingly. I hope he always has such a sweet and tender heart and I pray he learns of these tender scenes from what he observes in his own family. What more could a momma ask for?
Here is one of those sweet scenes I am referring to: A quick outdoor Fall lunch with daddy.

Who cares about raking leaves when you can have silly faces and pizza with daddy!!

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