Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Anna's Hair Care Update

I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath for this update!

A few days ago I tried an anti-frizz/shine type gel thing I use on my hair sometimes. I got it as a sample at a salon I used to go to. Below are the results. It did help curb some of the frizz, but it gave her hair.....texture (?) and she is 18M so I am really looking for more of the natural, soft curl look for her LOL! But still an improvement from fuzzy mullet of the other day.

Saturday I was at Target and amazingly remembered to find some of the Johnson's No More Tangles that some people recommended (and that my mom used on my hair when I was Anna's age). For LESS than $2 they had a store brand of it! SCORE!! So I grabbed it and used it on her hair this morning. She had beautiful, defined, yet not crunchy, soft ringlets all over! The below picture is after two hour long car rides (two and from church) and a two hour nap....so it has gotten a bit messy, but you can still get the idea...that it was just NICER for lack of a better word!

So, some definite improvement. Hopefully as it continues to grow and thicken it will also just sort of lay a bit better and with the help of the No More Tangles she should have gorgeous hair in no time. Either way she is such a delicious little pixie!!


Gobbagram said...

No More Tangles?!?! Does that mean that Mom knew best?! LOL

Jen said...

Delicious indeed! Such a cutie pie.

Meghan said...

She's just so cute! Love her hair- beautiful color and curls!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Just this very morning I was wanting to follow-up with you! I had used No More Tangles (generic version) on Mary twice this week and, while she doesn't have any curls, it made her hair so luxurious. I'm so glad it worked for Anna!