Monday, January 31, 2011


Outside my window... Today was sunshiny and "warm"...I think it hit 40 degrees out! I think we are expecting some snow and icy stuff tonight though.

I am thinking...about whether there will be enough weather tonight/tomorrow that I will have to cancel an allergist appt for Benjamin. I am thinking a lot about slowing down. Claudio always says I have "high urgency". And he is so right. Trying to just let things unfold and take their course. More on this later I think.

I am thankful for...a dry day for Benjamin (meaning pottywise LOL), happy children, my faith, good books, Bryers black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream.

From the learning rooms... Ben has been playing a little game app on my ipod. It is a game using the Bob Books, which Ben has and reads. It is a free app and is great for beginner phonics. Now if I could just get him not to sort of wander off from the BOB app into various other areas of my ipod and wreaking havoc!

From the kitchen...Had delicious chicken marsala for dinner! And Anna actually ate a few pieces of pasta and a little bit of chicken (proving that it WAS delicious!)

I am wearing... a white shirt, a green shirt, and black sweat pants.

I am going... to get some of that Breyers ice cream!

I am reading... Confessions of a Prairie Bitch (a memoir by the actress that played Nellie Oleson). It is fairly diverting, but not really what I expected. Not really sure what I expected but it wasn't this LOL

I am hoping... it doesn't snow this weekend when my family is supposed to be here for Ben's birthday! I am hoping we figure out why Ben is getting hives on his stomach. I am hoping for a Carribean vacation...just thought I would throw that out there!

I am hearing...PBS on the TV. And Ben coughing over the monitor. Coughing in his sleep :( I am hoping it is just the remnants of the cold he had last week.

Around the house...just the usual. Laundry, crumbs, dishes, toys, books

One of my favorite things... my laptop. I love it for relaxation, for diversion, for information, for fellowship, for keeping in touch.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow I am off to the allergist with Ben to hopefully figure out the hive situation. Then the rest of teh week will be cleaning and last minute purchases and prep for Benjamin's 3rd birthday party this weekend with my family!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

check here for more daybooks

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claire said...

That chicken Marsala sounds awesome!

Jeffrey is doing great on the potty, too. As are several other of my Facebook friends with babies about to turn 3. I guess 3 or thereabouts is the magic age when they "get it"!

(I love the rug by your stairs, by the way, as well as many of the traditional details of your home, mouldings, etc.)