Friday, May 13, 2011

Our Day at CHOP

After waking up, meeting with the surgical team, eating breakfast, watching Elmo, having vitals taken, and a long nap on Mommy's lap we headed out of our room to see what fun we could have.

We stopped by the toy room where I really enjoyed this little pink car.  I am still a little sore so I am preferring to sit or be carried and this does the trick.

I drove around outside my door in this fun little car.

I also took several rides in a wagon to see the fishies in the adjoining wing and drew with markers and crayons all over myself, the table....ohh and a little on the paper  :P

After an action filled day I am POOPED and am more than happy to just get in my jammies and watch some Sprout before lights out.

The very nice nurse assisted Mommy in setting up my very first feed with my new G-tube.  It didn't hurt at all.

And now I am ready for bed and they tell me I will be going home tomorrow!!

(btw, the pink in her tube is not blood or anything gross.  Just her dose of Tylenol that will be flushed through once her feed is started)


Walker said...

What a little snuggle bunny. I've been following her progress and appreciate the pictures and videos! - jae

Katherine T. Lauer said...

I'm so glad it went so smoothely!

Allison said...

She is so adorable, God bless her!