Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Pixie!!

I meant to get this post up yesterday on Anna's ACTUAL birthday but time got away from me.

But yes it is true my itty bitty baby was 2 yesterday!! 

disclaimer: despite the fact that I have a degree in music age, children, pregnancy, has made my singing voice a most hideous thing to behold!

Anna did a great job opening her gifts.  She has seemed to get the idea of "birthday" and all that involves way earlier than Ben!  

 a little holtiger kitty cat.

 a new Jim Weiss CD of fairy tales (I highly recommend his CDs.  The kids LOVE to listen to the animal stories while playing)

 some new books!!  This pleases me as I am very tired of reading Ping and Blueberries for Sal that they got at Easter!

 I am grateful that my kids are such book lovers!

 A Mellisa and Doug magnetic paper doll set (not actually paper, but best I can describe it)

 We had a special breakfast of chocolate milk and cupcakes banana bread muffins with icing.  Interestingly neither kid would eat their iced muffin, but since had eaten several with no icing.  These are bizarro kids LOL..
 Anna did lick her muffin once LOL

 Ohhh and the gift I forgot to wrap...a much coveted new DVD of Charlie and Lola!!  Those of you with kids...if you have never seen this show check it out.  There are full episodes on youtube!  It is by far a favorite for my kids.

 Forget cupcakes...I would rather eat my new DVD!!!

So my dear Anna is another year older.  It has been a wild and crazy ride with her from the beginning, but this year especially she has taught the whole family so much.  She is tough and brave and strong beyond her years.  She is my snuggler.  And she is my mischief maker.  She remembers to stop and smell the flowers. She is hysterically funny and too cute for words.  And we just love her to tiny itty bitty bits!!  God Bless and Happy Birthday my dear Anna!!


Meghan said...

Happy birthday to Anna!! I love your banana bread with icing idea!

Cynthia said...

What a cutie pie! Happy birthday to your little girl! My oldest is going to be 2.. in 2 days. How is that possible? Wow, life moves so fast.

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog this morning. It made my morning ;) Excited to take a look around yours! God bless you.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Meghan yeah keeps it healthy for sure. Or healthier anyway. My motive was that it was the only baked sort of thing I could make without eggs that I had a recipe for! But as I said they were totally turned off my the icing and preferred them later with no icing. Ben calls them "pupcakes". Love that and hope he still calls them that when he is 30!! LOL

Cynthia so glad my comments brightened your day!! And Happy Birthday to your little one!! It is staggering how time passes these days, huh??