Monday, August 08, 2011

Anna's Birthday Party

Sorry for the delay in posting!  I will be honest and say I have just not been in the mood!!  Sometimes it takes quite sometime to get the pictures down/uploaded, videos downloaded, links found, writing, etc etc...I don't know if I am just doing things the hard way, but it can be a cumbersome sometimes I avoid it.

Anyway this is the way beyond awesome cake my friend Mary decorated for me!!!!  Anna has a thing for owls and this cake came out so adorable!!  THANK YOU MARY!!!

The party was at my mom's house with just my side of the family since Claudio's family had a sudden death and the funeral was scheduled for the same day (we were able to go to the visitation before Anna's party).

The Three Muskateers...Ben, Anna, and their cousin Kyleigh.  All with read hair!   Kyleigh is 6 months younger than Ben (and almost exactly a year older than Anna).  She is very tall for her age...and Ben is very short for his LOL!

These kids crack me up!

Is he screaming???  Nope...that is Ben's camera smile  :)

We made the silly mistake of leaving Anna's gifts downstairs...unsupervised....with the kids..
So, they tore into them and Anna found this owl pillow from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Judi....and she was QUITE pleased with it!!

And the kids had some fun in the pool.  It was SOOO hot and sunny that was hard to stay out there though.

And at the end of the day little Anna was exhausted and passed out asleep before we even got in the car to go home....slept the whole way home and all night.  Happy Birthday my little pixie!!

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