Monday, August 29, 2011

Natural Disasters...

Sorry once again for the absence.  Just been busy busy busy......mostly with natural disasters!!

Let's just say a transformer exploded on our block about two weeks ago leaving us without power.  Then we left to visit my dad and stepmom in MINERAL, Virginia.  That town sound familiar?  It was the epicenter of the recent 6.0 earthquake in broken glass, messes, no power, aftershocks.  We come home to be struck by Hurricane Irene including tornado warnings, major flooding in our town, and once again no power for a few days.

The poor kids have barely slept in their own beds in the last week and a half.....we are wondering what next: plague of locusts or will the small mountain we live on erupt into a volcano???  We could definitely use some quiet peaceful times!

Below are just the pics from our Hurricane experience.  We let the kids play outside when it first started raining and getting a little windy.  You have to love Anna's self chosen get up!

On Sunday when the sun came out and things had mostly calmed down we decided to go for a walk downtown.  I wanted to see the Rancocas Creek....thinking it would be pretty high after all that rain.  LOL....uhhh let's just say it was far worse than a little high.  As we approached what used to be a small creek I saw glimmering water everywhere as if we were coming up to a large lake.  The pictures don't do it justice and this was before the creek crested.  Now major roads around town are closed as well.  We were shocked.  I have never seen anything like this in person.

here the water is coming right up to the footbridge.

just passed that black truck is all water..

this cracked me up.   A picnic bench poking out of the water.  This is around the municipal buildings and police station/municipal court.

You can hear how windy it still was and the creek that now looks like a lake.  This is the parking lot for the county offices and court and downtown shopping area. 


Conservamom said...

Wow! Glad it wasn't worse. I am going to have to think twice about being in the same city as you though,seems you guys have had too many natural events enjoying your company :) Once again,glad you are all doing well and hope your comfort is returned to you soon :)

Florentius said...

I remember when we were house-hunting in Mount Holly. There was one really nice place with a large back yard. At the very end of it, you could just barely see the bank of the Rancocas Creek. It was very scenic and we though it might be nice to be so close to the creek. Then, I noticed that the floorboards of the house were a little warped. Hmmmm. It was at that point we realized that the creek had probably been in that house at least once. Had we ended up there, we'd probably be pretty soggy about now.

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Thanks for sharing those remarkable photos!