Friday, May 11, 2012

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All you faithful followers I am sure have been wondering where we have been.  Battling a tummy bug mostly. Started with Anna and went through all three kids.  Even tiny Beatrice.  Poor little Bea-bug!!  She seems to be doing better.  My children suffer from a strange GI phenomena where they are totally fine all day long...happy, playing, hungry, etc.  As soon as ungodly o'clock hits the little viruses kick in and the puking begins. So, I think last night was the first night with no vomiting in about two weeks now.

The sisters.  Beatrice is all unzipped because she is a drooling mess (Truly she's drooly!) and I was on my way to get her dry provisions when I snapped this pic.  I think Anna's hair has its own gravitational pull.
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I must admit a slight obsession/girl crush/donkey crush/admiration/desire to be best friends with Dwija over at House Unseen. Life Unscripted.  If you have never checked out her blog go visit.  Aside from being hilarious, riotously funny she (and her family) are GUTSY!  They bought a house off the internet sight unseen in rural Michigan and moved out there to discover it was a HUGE disaster house.  But they are renovating it and living the life!  Mortgage free!!  *sigh*  And while you are there definitely click on the tab for That Donkey won't regret it.  
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When I get an idea in my head it is pretty hard to get me to change my mind.  So when a friend on FB mentioned getting new bunkbeds I just couldn't resist the thought of how BADLY something must be done about Ben and Anna's room and that the ONLY reasonable option was bunkbeds.  And afterall we just got our tax return.  And yes, most of it must be signed over to CHOP along with a few internal organs we owe them at this point.  We could spare just a little bit to get bunk beds for Ben and Anna's room.

You can't even take a good picture of the room to demonstrate how there is no room.  There is not room for two twin beds in there, so Anna was still in a crib.  Which was fine because she was having overnight tube feeds and the last thing we needed was her hopping out of bed while still tethered to her pump.  But she is having overnight feeds less and less (like never if I can help it) and she was ready to be in a big girl bed. 

So there you have it. We got the kids bunkbeds from Ikea. They are really nice all solid wood. It was just basically precut and drilled lumber and Cla assembled it all. We were really impressed by the quality and ease of assembling (nothing warped, no missing pieces, no shoddy drilling etc).

Ben wakes in the morning saying how much he loves his bed.

Doesn't every 3yr old's bedroom have a medical pole in it?  No?  How strange...
But look there is actually some SPACE now.

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Speaking of Ikea.....LOVED it!!  I would like to buy a house sight unseen off the internet and renovate it exclusively with Ikea ;)  But really....first of all they should inform you that if you do not have an advanced degree in geography that you might get a little lost and confused, but not to worry because they have so kindly put arrows on the floors so that you know what direction to walk in and don't just go in circles.  It took me about 20 minutes of wandering aimlessly through a warehouse to figure out that there was a showroom upstairs where you can see all of the stuff unboxed and set up.  Duh!  But, just the kid stuff alone SOO cute!  Who knew the Swedes at it in them??
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So now that we got bunkbeds we have two box springs, a head board, a bed frame, a crib, and a crib mattress that have no place to go yeah in theory the bunkbed would save us space, but actually, not so much LOL..In fact if you look at the pic up above you will see that we stored one of the box springs under the bunkbed.  We so need to find a bigger house.  Or at least a house with more storage.  Or as Claudio, says we need a Tardis because apparently they are the size of a telephone booth on the outside, but cavernous on the inside
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Because Beatrice is SOOO drooly she really needs a bib all the time.  My other two were not like that.  They wore a bib to eat and that was that.  So, the bibs I have are mostly stained with food drippings and are generally ugly because WHO CARED?  But Beatrice needs something a little more fashionable, clean looking, and trendy.  So I whipped up this very cute bib for her made out of a shirt that had a stain on it and an old baby towel for the backing.  It is super cute and easy so I will make some more so she can have a nice supply of cute and girly bibs to absorb her drool.

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What is it with my kids and their exersaucers?!!  TOOOOO cute!

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Lindsay said...

Wow---I wish I had the crafty skills to make a bib. I don't have any kids, so it would be a currently unnecessary skill, but I've had my single-lady "I wish I could make stuff" moments.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

awww give it a try! Usually these things are much easier then they seem. It is just getting started that is hard!

Pam Barnhill said...

Popped over to say hello and thank you for the lovely comment. I LOVE THAT HAIR!! How awesome is that? And I am with you on IKEA. What a trap that place is. I got lost multiple times in the store, fed by the confusing double elevators.