Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yarn Along - Shalom Cardigan

You know when you lose your camera and find in the children's shoe basket?  No?  Hmmmm...maybe these sorts of things only happen to me...

Ohh know when you go to your Tuesday night knitting class and come home to find that your daughter got hold of her Rx steroid ointment for her stoma (ohhh and don't you all have a daughter with a stoma??  No??  Hmmmm) and smeared it over every God loving inch of her body (and her wall) and you have to call poison control?

Yeah...well you get the idea of how my life is going lately and why blogging is simply not happening regularly, but since I FINALLY finished the yoke of my Shalom cardigan thought I would get around to catching up with the Yarn Along this week.  The picture is awful, but I am very pleased with it.  I resized it and wish I could tell you I had rav notes for that, but I don't know how to do that.  So feel free to contact me if you want to know what I did.

As for reading I picked up a copy of Free Range Kids at a used curriculum sale.  I am loving it.

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