Thursday, June 07, 2012

We Have a Date!!

 Anna picked out her own clothes...she likes stripes.

 You see that spunky, fashion challenged, Little Orphan Annie look alike, who can in one instant drive you to the brink and charm you, who had to fight and persevere for every little ounce of herself (hair not withstanding), who is strong in ways most 2yr olds will never know, and downright GORGEOUS.....yes, her right up there and down there.  Well, that little spunky monkey has an appointment, September 10th, to have a visit with her surgeon to have her feeding tube removed!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhh my gosh it has been a hard a bumpy road but we are SOOOO close to the end now!!

She is no longer receiving tube feedings at night and she is maintaining her weight.  So well in fact that even after having a stomach bug she managed to regain the lost weight ALLLLL on her own....with her own mouth!  She is nourishing herself.  

So pray pray pray that the next few months continue to go well and that Sept. 10th appt comes QUICK QUICK QUICK!!!

this is what her dome hair looks like when we choose not to comb it!


Cynthia said...

Yay!!!!!! That's great news.
Also...that hair and that smile...I do think she's one of the cutest children out there :)

J Harvey said...

Rejoicing indeed!!

Angela said...


Gobbagram said...

She looks very tall in that photo!