Saturday, July 21, 2012

Look Who is 6M.....And a Lost Hamburger...

please pretend you don't see how terribly stained the arm of the couch is!

I CAN.NOT.BELIEVE that Beatrice is 6M already. Time has just flown by and she has grown and grown an grown!!

She had her well check Wednesday and after quite a slow start in the growth department she is doing great now.  She is 13lbs now.  Definitely small, but steady growth.  And we just assume small kids at this point.  Good head growth and length...the numbers of which I don't recall.

There is no doubt she is doing fantastic in terms of motor skills.  She has a whole bevy of new tricks.  She can sit unassisted for a small amount of time.  And she actually sits herself up in this weird lounging position.  She gets herself up on her hands and feet.  And she is just moments away from crawling.  She is always up on her knees, but just can't get the coordination down.  So instead she does this hysterical thing where she just throws herself forward.  Both Ben and Anna spent a good amount of time doing the army crawl.  Using their arms primarily.  Beatrice definitely favors the legs when it comes to moving around.

look, she can almost pass as chubby!

 The lost hamburger is poor Annabella *sigh* She had a weight check the same day as Beatrice's well check and the news was not what we expected.  She lost 4oz, a quarter of a pound (hence the hamburger reference...quarter pounder...get it?).  We really thought we were in the homestretch....just in the maintenance mode.  So we are back to fighting with her over every bite.  Part of the issue is that she just does not prefer fatty or calorically dense foods.  Conversations go like this often:

Me: Anna want some chocolate milk or chocolate pudding??
Anna: No I just want water and a granola bar

Me: Anna want some ice cream???
Anna: I will have an ice pop

Me: Anna want some ranch dressing to dip that carrot in??
Anna:  No, just plain.

She will go out into our garden and forage for blueberries and cherry tomatos and gobble them all up, but she is not eating enough calories to maintain (let alone gain) weight.  So, I beg you for prayers that she will eat what she needs, gain weight, and we will be back on track to keep her appt on September 10th to get her tube out.

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