Sunday, August 12, 2012

Annabella turns 3!!

Once again so behind with posts and updates. Just busy with life.. July 28th was a momentous occasion here. Anna turned 3 years old!! I do not have a lot of pictures, but she did have a very nice party here with family and some friends and lots of beautiful gifts. She had a truly lovely day.

while she napped we created her birthday cake.  A princess castle...or at least the best facsimile I could create.

opening some presents.  I think Ben was more excited than Anna to get a few more trains to add to their collection.  Anna now has Emily, Rosie, Molly, and Lady...pretty much covers the female trains.

anything else in there??

opening her Holztiger figure.  A raccoon.  They get a Holztiger for birthdays and Christmas.

What's all the excitement??

a blow-up ladybug chair from Ikea.  I told you my pics are lame LOL
Happy Birthday my sweet Annabella.  You are a passionate, COMpassionate little girl with a heart of gold.  May you always be as full of life and love as you are right now.

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