Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012-2013 Homeschool plans

So school starts at the Salvucci house on September 3rd and I have been making my final plans and trying to get organized (and failing miserably at it, but the reasons for that are a whole other story for a whole other post that involves the fact that we have sold our house and are moving *gasp* true story!)

So here are my plans for Ben for Kindergarten:
We are roughly following MODG for Kindergarten with a few swaps because he is a bit ahead in those areas
Reading/Phonics: Little Angel Reader Program
Math: Abeka K
Poetry: MODG recommedations
Literature: chosen read alouds of chapter books and picture books (some plans for winnie the pooh, Beatrix Potter, Charlotte's Web, Mary Poppins...any other suggestions?) and the saint/liturgical/picture book recommendations by MODG, and Catholic Treasure Box.
Handwriting: Creative Alphabet
Religion: Golden Children's Bible and recommendations from MODG
Music: 36 Traditional Catholic Hymns
Art: we have a few Illuminated Ink projects, craft projects he will do along with Anna, and the illustrations that are part of the MODG poetry

I think that is everything.....and currently I am thinking it will be too much for him as a very young Kindergartener, but I figured we will go for it.  We can always cut back on whatever we need.  My issue...if you can call it an issue, is his reading/math skills are at a 1st grade level, but maturity wise he is very much a 4yr old, but he is begging me for school.  So we will forge ahead and see how it goes.

Plans for Anna:
We are roughly following 26 Letters From Heaven (not sure I am even getting titles correct here...just want to get this all down on "paper" for my own sake).  She will do a letter a week with accompanying crafts and activities on an as needed basis.

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