Thursday, December 06, 2012

Celebrating Advent

Obviously I am once again behind in posting.  First we all had colds being passed around, then I had a bit of a blog issue that I was able to resolve today...and of course just in time for the kids to be sick again.  *sigh*  But I did want to post what we are doing for Advent this year, (basically the same as last year) if for no other reason than for me to remember!!

 I will start with Martinmas even though it was well before Advent...we made these lanterns.  Just quickly: the kids used water colors on a piece of large paper.  I then rolled them into a cylinder, cut some stars into it, and added a handle.

 Our Jesse Tree is a bit of a comedy of errors this year.  I found these new ornaments and fixed them all up and then realized they were missing several days worth.  Claudio made the executive decision to just use them anyway because we no doubt will end up missing a few days anyway.  So I won't bother telling you where I found these ornaments because I don't recommend their use!!  The tree is just some branches we dug up in a large vase filled with gravel. 

The advent calendar is put together by my stepmother each year. She has 8 grandchildren in total and sets up a calendar for each one of them!!  Our calendar here has a scripture reading behind each door and then each kid has a canister with a treat for each day until Christmas!

some of the ornaments lovingly colored by moi...and look at that little Annabella face *squish*

Our nativity scene had to be scaled back this year...if I was a savvy, conscientious blogger I would link back to nativity scenes from years gone by.....Do yourself a favor and go back to Decembers of yore and check them out.

Anyway, smaller this year since we are still having house showings and all that....and so a Nativity scene that takes up half the dining room probably wouldn't be a good selling feature...(interestingly the last couple that came to see our house was a homeschooling family with 5 probably she understood LOL)

 I think it still came out looking good and it is wonderful to see the kids get more and more involved and excited about all of these things! 

Our Advent Wreath. I HIGHLY recommend using these big fat candles rather than tapers!  They just burn so much better and last so much longer.  I will never go back!

St. Nicholas Day, today, finally....was somewhat haphazardly put together.  I had a sorta plan for what I was going to do for the kids, but it didn't work out and at the last minute Cla decided he would try his hand at painting some peg dolls for them!

They came out SOO cute!!  And it was just the right thing..

St. Nicholas, St. Therese, and St. Kateri
 We got this craft idea from The St. Nicholas Center which is a great resource for St. Nicholas info and ideas!! I am at least caught up with our domestic church type stuff!  Pheww!!

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