Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yarn Along: Wingspan scarf

Finished my Wingspan scarf and I LOVE it!  The picture doesn't do justice to the colors.  They are vibrant and beautiful and this pattern is a lot of fun to work up and definitely easy.  A nice mindless sort of thing to do while relaxing in the evening.  I use Mini Mochi yarn...I think that is what it was called.  I am so terrible with knowing my yarns...and don't ask me the colorway.  No clue.

I am re-reading the Emily of New Moon series.  I just started Emily's Quest, the last book of the series.  So bittersweet as I love this story and so enjoy reading on I know the end is coming....and once again my dear friend Emily will move away until I pull her out again in a few years.  So hard with our beloved book they must come in and out of our lives *sigh*

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Leslie said...

Wingspan is on my list to do. Yours is beautiful.

Angela said...

Nicely done! I've got that pattern in my queue, but haven't tried it yet. Looks great!

Christine N said...

The yarn you is is perfect for that project! Beautiful work.

Christine said...

Makes me wish I could knit :-)