Saturday, April 27, 2013

Old Fashioned Hot Dog Roast

A week or so ago the kids and I harvested some big rocks from the woods and from in the garden (the soil is insanely rocky around here) to build our own fire pit.  Tonight Claudio suggested we try it out and eat dinner outside and build a fire.  There are so many branches on the property.  I assume from all the bad storms they had they had this year.

Hotdogs, baked beans, and potato chips were on the menu...and of course marshmellows for dessert!  It turned out wonderfully.  Something we never could have done at our old "Little House" with a meddlesome, cantankerous neighbor living only a few feet away!

The video below was just one of the many, hilarious, and random things the kids find to do to amuse themselves. They were going around and around and around at top speed.  Of course I turn the camera on as Ben starts choking....


gobbagram said...

How cool! I want to come for a weiny roast!!

Anonymous said...

HOW FUN! The kids and hubby looked as if they enjoyed it. Re: Video... liked that little coughing jump ... LOL - jae