Wednesday, April 02, 2014

For Unto Us a Child Is Born..

Little Lucy Elizabeth was born on January 25th, on a snowy day, in the wee smas.  Her labor was long.  Well it was long in that it took allllll day for labor to really get started.  But once it started it was quick and she was delivered in a few hours.  But she kept us wondering if she would ever come out!!  She was born at 11:53pm...So when I say ALLL day I mean it!

She was 7lbs7oz......probably my biggest baby (Anna was 7lbs15oz, but she was ten days late and Lucy was born the day before her due date.  She was born with a true knot in her cord and the cord around her neck.  The doc said this may have been why she was so stubborn to come down.  But all was well.  Like the others she was very quiet.  No wailing....just quietly taking things in.  Eyes wide open.  She made little sounds like a kitten.  Unfortunately, I have a new computer and the new new newborn pics are on my other computer.  They will eventually make it here...

She was quickly switched from regular formula to hypoallergenic.  She is not my most content baby, but not my fussiest.  She sleeps well at night.

At her one month well check she had gained a pound and a half and was 8lbs15oz and at her two month check she had gained another pound and was 9lbs15oz. 

I think that is all the relevant information!

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And what a GREAT birthday present she is!